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Fujifilm & Onis Medical proud partners of GIEQs

A digital endoscopy symposium in high definition focused on promoting quality in the endoscopic interventions you perform everyday.

Learn more about Fujifilm's latest AI technology at ESGE Connect 2020

Be sure to join ESGE Connect 2020, ESGE's very first online congress on September 21. From updates on well-established techniques, to issues of hygiene in the outbreak of COVID-19 and the incorporation of artificial intelligence in current endoscopy practice – a fact-filled programme based on ESGE’s most successful guidelines awaits you.

First Fujifilm CAD EYE experiences by Prof. Dr. Pieter Dewint

Discover the first experiences of Prof. Dr. Pieter Dewint using the Fujifilm CAD EYE system. A new Artificial Intelligence technology that is capable of automatically detecting and characterising suspected polyps in real-time during colonoscopy exams.