Cad Eye - AI

Fujifilm has pursued and developed cutting-edge image processing technologies for many years.

Reili - Medical AI Technology
Fujifilm continues developing technologies that can be applied to medical image diagnosis. A focus has been the work on the development of products powered by REiLI for the radiology field as well as medical ultrasound an more recently endoscopy. 

Cad Eye supports detection
The novel function called Cad Eye is specifically designed for evolving the Eluxeo series with an add-on to support endoscopic detection in the colon. Cad Eye was developed based on the deep learning technology. 

A product by Fujifilm

Customised for Eluxeo Users
Cad Eye was trained with an immense amount of Fujifilm-specific clinical images (White Light & Linked Color Imaging (LCI)) with a powerful super computer, located in Fujifilm's AI technology center in Tokyo. This ensures Cad Eye to be a customised detection support tool specifically designed for the Eluxeo system. 

Powerful in multiple situations
Cad Eye allows for real time polyp detection and provides a helpful tool for every day use. It is aimed to improve the detection rate to expert level, helping to recognise e.g. flat lesions, multiple ones as well as lesions at the corner of the image. Cad Eye Detection is possible with White Light and LCI mode.